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Varietal Trading, Apparel Manufacturer / Exporter and Commodity Supplier In Sri Lanka

Apparel Manufacturer & Exporter, Bags, Gemstones, Hats,Tea, Rubber, Medical Slings, Mats & Tobacco


We at Varietal Trading and its trade divisions have factories based in Sri Lanka producing all high qualitative clothing, linen and footwear for Men, Women and children. We also produce gloves, hats, underwear, lingerie. We also cater in the supply of Tea, Rubber, Gemstones and Medical Hoists and Matts. We have our office based here in London for catering for the US and European markets.

We already cater for the US market as we have produced clothing for Levis, Dockers, Pacific Trail and Walt Disney in the past. Currently we also supply for Arsenal  and Liverpool Football club, Gieves and Hawkes in Saville Row, George, BHS and Polo Ralph Lauren are a few to name here in the UK.

We can cater all branded clothing and individual clients specific branding needs on garments and tags etc.

Our insightful and unique service ensures clients can be 100% confident in the lifespan and comfort of the final product they sell to their end user customers.

As a result we create profitability and customer loyalty for our clients for their own designer brands, hence enhancing their own business reputation and dominance in each of their own global consumer markets.

As a result companies that do relocate are able to still keep their own market. Naturally we are also promoters and will work on getting a consistent flow of contracts for foreign companies for the long term future. Sri Lanka is a fast developing country in South East Asia which is already attracting foreign investment from manufacturing countries from Australia, Britain, France, Hong Kong, Spain and the USA.




Foreign Investment Relocation In Sri Lanka

Varietal Trading and our trade divisions is a company that also facilitates and guides any type of foreign investment to relocate to Sri Lanka as we are in a fast developing country in the South Asia region. Sri Lanka has a thriving bureaucracy that is consistently worked on and our company and partners will make foreign companies to relocate work here, relatively easy through sourcing land, sourcing building facilities for operations, acquiring required permits and licenses from the government and the opening of any required bank and financial facilities. 



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For information and to request a quote please contact us:
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8905 5599