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Our Factory - Varietal Trading, Garment factory and clothing exporter, Sri Lanka.

All Apparel Manufacturer For Work Wear, Fashion and Sport in Sri Lanka


Varietal Trading offers you a variety of garment manufacturing services in Sri Lanka serving clients in Europe, USA, Australia and Africa. We work with you to understand your clothing and garment design requirements.



Features & benefits of our Clothing factory

To meet the stringent demands of our buyers we are equipped with modern machinery and equipment. Our 2 factories have 8 production lines consisting of 55 machines per line.


We deliver quality on time, every time. To ensure this four line inspectors and two quality controllers look after each production line constantly.


The factory employs a workforce of 700 and turn out around 100,000 pieces of garments monthly.


Our highly skilled design and sample development team respond fast to buyer needs and specifications using latest fabrics and functional designs.


Our strengths are Cost, Quality and Delivery time, ability to supply all sized orders efficiently and support with sample and product development.


How we help

Varietal Trading manage the entire process for you

  • Competitive prices
  • Quality is of the highest standard
  • Business experience spans over 30 years manufacturing high street branded garments and woven across the world
  • Safe secure financial transactions through LC at Lloyds TSB Corporate London City office on Gresham Street.
  • Secured transportation 
Why choose Varietal Trading
  • We arrange printing and packaging
  • We manage transportation of goods
  • We advise on international payments
  • We undertake visits to factories

All warranties are supplied and all goods are quality controlled tested. Through Varietal Trading Ltd all common pitfall and costly mistakes are avoided



Our Machinery
  • Mueller & Comez Machines
  • Mageba & Webtex finishing machines
  • Herzog and Lesmo braiders