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Garments - Varietal Trading, Garment manufacturer and clothing factory, Sri Lanka.

Textile Garment Factory, Clothing Exporter, Bulk buying Apparel Factory, Sri Lanka

Varietal Trading offer high quality clothing manufacture and own brand garments for fashion designers, retailers, universities, colleges, hospitals and corporate organisations.


Garment Production, Sri Lanka

The production of garments by Varietal Trading Ltd takes place at our manufacturing facilities based India and Sri Lanka. We produce all various types of garments, which include jeans, t-shirts, jackets, sports wear to scrubs.


Some of our clients are:


  • K-Mart
  • Levis
  • Dockers
  • Pacific Trail
  • Walt Disney
  • London Fog


All garments are naturally custom tailored to the clients own personal branding and are manufactured to the highest quality standards.



Customers are welcomed to sample our products on request as customers too are encouraged to supply us with their own samples to be made at our production facilities and hence quality controlled tested by our own clients before mass orders go into full production.



We manufacture for independent designers too who wish to have their own branding.